Meet the Artist

Trish White
Trish White was born Patricia Carol Shelor on a farm in Beckley WVa. Trish has no formal education in the arts, however she loves working with water based clay. Her creativity is diverse. Some of her work comes directly from her living. Lifes ups and downs, it’s tragedies and triumphs give Trish a deep well of experiences to draw from as she works to convey through the clay the emotion within the specific experience.  Her work in this area has been described as “intense” “vulnerable” “raw” “real”…………

She also has a great passion  for sculpting the connection between animals and humans.  As a retired master dog groomer, owner and operator of her own salon and boarding  kennel 27+ years, Trish has cultivated a deep connection and love for animals. She now raises Thoroughbred horses with her husband John on their hundred acre farm at the foot of Coyner Mountian, just east of Roanoke Va.

She is most passionate about the Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine and is devoted to expressing this Energy through her sculptures.  She feels she just arrived at the cusp of this adventure.

Artist Statement

My hands mold the clay because my head has no idea what I am doing. It has been a wonderful discovery to find this energy and creativity that travels through me without thought….I am truly in the moment…….What joy and peace it brings to my heart!

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